Thursday, September 11, 2008


My Prefer Hunter WOTLK Beta Build 8926

Source from mmo-champion showcase some major nerfs to the hunter at Wotlk.


  • Aspect of the Beast has been removed
  • Aspect of the Viper now regenerate a percentage of maximum mana equal to base ranged weapon speed on each ranged attack and reduces your damage done by 50%
  • Kill Shot now deals 200% weapon damage plus [30% of RAP + 400] damage. (Old - Weapon damage plus [15% of RAP + 2500] damage)

Beast Mastery
  • Cobra Strikes now affects your pet's next 2 special attacks. (Down from 3)
  • Invigoration now has a 50/100% to instantly regenerate 1% mana when your pet scores a critical hit with a special ability. (Old - 100% chance to regenerate 1/2% mana)
  • Aspect Mastery now reduces the damage down to you while Aspect of the Monkey is active by 5% (down from 10%) and increases the attack power bonus of Aspect of the Hawk by 30% (down from 50%)
  • Improved Steady show now has a chance to reduce the mana cost of your next Aimed / Arcane / Chimera shot by 20%. (Down from 40%)
  • Hunting Party now lasts 15 seconds
  • Noxious Stings is now implemented
  • Lock and Load now affects your next Arcane Shot (down from 3 next Arcane Shot).
  • T.N.T now increases the critical strike chance of your Explosive Shot and Explosive Trap by 3/6/9%. (Down from 5/10/15%)

Since major nerf to Lock and load and T.N.T which previously fair heavily in the strategy of my prefer beta build 1, i sincerely believe that there is no more reason to take up to points at lock and load just for a merely one no mana, no cooldown shot, furthermore, it needs to either trap a person or change on sting. Nonetheless, T.N.T and explosive shot still seems to be a pretty decent skills. However, due to Explosive shot require 50 points talent into survival tree, we might as well sacrifice explosive shot and T.N.T for deeper Markman tree talent.

Here is my Beta Build 2, Click here

The major different Beta Build 2 compared with Beta Build 1, is where, in Build 2, there is no more Explosive shot, T.N.T and Lock and Load. In return, we have scatter shot, which will be decent when use together with readiness, 3 points into Improved arcane shot, and 2 points into Combat experience. Combat experience gives a total of 12% extra attack power along with Careful aim.

Well, frost trap will still be the core move of the strategy with Point of no escape talent, with the additional cc of scatter shot and additional AP from Combat experience and Improve arcane shot, i am still pretty optimistic with the Beta hunter playability.

Im not a Beta tester, just merely having fun dwelling with the Beta build, hope no more major nerf in the coming patch tho.

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


My Prefer Hunter WOTLK Beta Build 8905

Hey, i am pretty exited that wotlk is coming pretty soon, and the before wotlk patch will probably give us a peek at the very new talent and changes of all class and new profession.

As a big hunter user here, i am glad that hunter has been given some long awaited buff such as Disengage (Backward Blink), Deterence (Base Skills / Buff) etc. After messing with the Hunter's beta build 8905, i am pretty exited with the new prospect and role hunter's in arena PVP. My prefer build:

Damage Highlight

Improved tracking - 2% extra critical damage
T.N.T - +Critical strike chance of explosive shot and explosive trap
Survival Instinct - Increase attack power by 4% attack power
Hunter vs Wild - Increase you and pet attack power by 30% of stamina
Lightning reflexes - Increase agility by 15% (1AGI = 1AP)
Killer Instinct - Increase Critical strike chance of all attack by 3%
Expose weaknesses - Ranged critical have a 33% to increase 25% of agility for 7 sec
Master tactician - Range attack have 10% chance to increase 2% critical strike chance for 8 sec
Point of no escape - +Critical chance by 6% to all attack on targets which inflicted by frost or freezing trap
Lethal Shot - +Critical strike chance of ranged weapon by 5%
Mortal shots - Increase 30% critical strike damage
Careful aim - Increase ranged attack power with 100% of intellect

Survivability Highlight

Improved wing clip - 14% chance to immobilize target for 5 sec
Survival Instinct - Reduced all damage taken by 4%
Survivalist - Increase stamina by 10%
Survival tactics - Reduced Feign Death and trap by 4% and reduce Disengage cooldown by 4 sec
Surefooted - Reduce duration of movement impairing effect by 50%

Trap & Sting Highlight

Trap mastery - All sort of trap buffs
Survival tactics - Reduced chance trap resisted by 4%, see above
Wyvern sting - 1 min cooldown sleep 12 sec, cause 2460 damage after wake up
Resourcefulness - Reduces the mana cost of all traps and melee abilities by 60% and reduces the cooldown of all traps by 6 sec.
Improved sting - All sorts of sting buff
Noxious Stings -
If Wyvern Sting is dispelled, the dispeller is also afflicted by Wyvern Sting lasting 16% of the duration remaining, and increases all damage done by you on targets afflicted by your Serpent Sting by 1%.

Mana Highlight

Resourcefulness -
Reduces the mana cost of all traps and melee abilities by 60% and reduces the cooldown of all traps by 6 sec.
Thrill of the Hunt -
Gives you a 66% chance to regain 40% of the mana cost of any shot when it critically hits.

Misc Highlight

Hawk Eye - Increases the range of your ranged weapons by 6 yards
Lock and Load -
You have a 100% chance when you trap a target and a 15% chance when you Sting a target to cause your next 3 Arcane Shot or Explosive Shot spells to trigger no cooldown, cost no mana and consume no ammo.
Readiness -
When activated, this ability immediately finishes the cooldown on your other Hunter abilities.
Explosive Shot - You fire an explosive charge into the enemy target, dealing [RAP * 0.2 + 345]-[RAP * 0.2 + 415] Fire damage. The charge will blast the target every second for an additional 2 sec. Each charge also deals [(RAP * 0.2 + 345) / 4]-[(RAP * 0.2 + 415) / 4] Fire damage to all nearby enimies within 5 yards of the target.
Aimed Shot - An aimed shot that increases ranged damage by 1570 and reduces healing done to that target by 50%. Lasts 10 sec.
Focused Aim - Gives you a 70% chance to avoid interruption caused by damage while casting Aimed Shot and Steady Shot.

New Spell / Revamp Spell

Kill Shot - You attempt to finish the wounded target off, firing a long range attack dealing weapon damage plus [RAP * 0.15 + 2500]. The sheer power of the attack causes a strong recoil, causing you to be knocked down after the attack.
Master's Call - Your pet attempts to remove all stun and movement impairing effects on the target, and cause them to be immune to all effects for 4 sec. Can be cast while stunned.
Deterrence - When activated, increases the chance to dodge and parry all melee and ranged attacks by 25%, and resist all spell attacks by 60% for 10 sec.
Disengage - You attempt to disengage from the target, leaping backwards. Must be facing the target.
Aspect of the Viper - You regenerate mana equal to 100% of the damage done by any ranged attack or ability, but reduces your total damage by 50%.
Arcane Shot (rank 11) - An instant shot that causes [RAP * 0.15 + 492] Arcane damage.
Tranquilizing Shot -
Attempts to remove 1 Frenzy, Enrage and Magic effect from an enemy target.


With Mastercall, Deterrence and Disengage, the survivability of Hunter will therefore improved significantly, not to mention that with this build, Hunter can use Readiness to refresh all its cool down, much like rogue's preparation. Also, this build also take in 10% extra buff on stamina which not only give more HP but more attack power as well with "Hunter vs wild". Beside stamina, Careful aim allow 100% of intellect as AP buff. And we shall see +6 to all stat will be the best chest enchant around for hunter. Mana wise, with Resourcefullness and thrill of the hunt, together with the new Aspect of the viper, mana shouldn't be a problem for a hunter in WOTLK anymore.

Wyvern sting will have its damage buff and reduce to 1 min cooldown, which will be a significant buff. Together with readiness, there is a liable cc in place, offset with improved sting (30% less chance to be dispel), Noxious sting (dispeler get wyvern sting effect) and Scorpid pet (mask poison)

Beside the damage buff from all the talent as well as stamina and intellect buff, new hunter also able to dispel enrage affect with Tranquilizing Shot, the bad news is arcane shot is no longer able to dispel anything, and it is now merely a dps instant shot.

The build possible main strategy involve frequent use of frost trap and sting (either viper or wyvern sting) to proc off lock and load to cause your next 3 Arcane Shot or Explosive Shot spells to trigger no cooldown, cost no mana and consume no ammo. Once proc, hunter can instant 3 explosive shot which have T.N.T effect (15% chance to stun and +15% crit chance) on it. Together with Point of no escape (6% crit to target inflicted in frost and freeze trap), each explosive shot will gain 21% extra chance to crit, not even counting in on master tactician 2% increase crit chance if proc as well as other increase crit chance utility as mentioned at the beginning of the thread.


Hunter is definitely getting the attention and buff it lacks currently. I am pretty confident that the new DPS based hunter will be better fair in arena for WOTLK. Since wotlk is still in beta stage, above is just a mere preference and my personal opinion. I sincerely believe that no point to start on theorycrafting before it goes live. However, i hope that my little post here will allow you to see the future of hunter in making. Note: BTW, hunter's pet also get big revamp


Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Pls Read

Blizzard is currently running on recruit a friend program where it will help the players in many ways as well as allowing friends to assist on new friend on the game.

What is "Recruit-A-Friend"?

Our new friend referral system allows you to recruit some of your friends to join you in World of Warcraft by sending them an invitation email containing a trial activation key. With this key, your friends will be able to set up their own trial accounts.

What in-game benefits do we get while the accounts we play are linked?

1. Characters on both accounts can summon each other once per hour.
2. While adventuring with your linked friend/family member, you will each gain triple experience.
3. For every two levels the new player earns, the new player can grant one free level-up to a lower-level character played by the veteran player.

How long will I be linked to my recruit?

The link between the accounts will last for 90 days from the date that your recruit creates an account. Remember that for the link to work properly, your recruit must create a new World of Warcraft account using the 10-day trial key in your invitation email.

When my friend/family member upgrades from a trial account to a full version of the game, will that break the link between the accounts?

Nope! Your friend/family member will have to upgrade to continue playing past the 10-day trial, and the accounts you play will stay linked until the full 90 days have passed.

Are there any limits on when and where I can summon my friend?

The summoning is able regardless of level difference. And level 60 or above characters can summon their friends as long as the summoning target is 59 or lower level.

Do I always gain triple experience while I am linked to my recruit?

No, only when you are partied with a character on the linked account and both players are present when slaying the monster or completing the quest. Also, if the two characters are not the same level (4 or more levels difference), no bonus experience is granted to either character.

Is quest experience tripled too?

Yes, but only if the quest or monster was not trivial (gray difficulty) for either character.

Do normal experience rules apply? How does this affect Rest State experience?

Yes, if a monster or quest is trivial to either player, no experience boost is given. If the quest or monster is trivial to either player then normal experience rules apply, including the use of Rest State experience.

What if I'm partied with multiple recruits who I'm "linked" to? Do I get quadruple, sextuple experience?

No, you can only ever gain a maximum of triple experience regardless of how many linked recruits you are partied with.

Are there any limitations to granting levels to characters played by the veteran player?

Yes. The recruit may not grant a level to a character that is equal to or higher than the current level of the character he or she is playing.
Additionally, the recruit may not grant a level to a character that is level 60 or higher.

At what point does the triple experience end?

It ends the moment that your accounts are unlinked, or when the new player hits level 60.

Will death knights be able to take advantage of the bonus levels?

Yes, death knights will be able to receive bonus levels, too. But keep in mind that death knights start at level 55 and players stop receiving bonus experience at level 60.

How long will Recruit-A-Friend last?

We have not yet determined how long this promotion will last.


Step 1

The Invitation

Send a convenient email invitation to friends and family members, making it easy for them to create a new account and get started.

Step 2

Adventure Together

Meet the recruit in Azeroth (see Recruitment Form page for further details) and enjoy special in-game benefits for a full 90 days:

  • Friend-to-friend summoning makes it easy to travel together.
  • Bonus experience ensures faster leveling.

Step 3

Earn Rewards

If your friend/family member purchases a full copy of World of Warcraft and pays for a month of subscription time, you get 30 days of subscription time FREE!

If your friend/family member pays for two full months of subscription time, you'll receive an exclusive in-game zhevra mount!


  • The recruit will get an invitation email including a 10-day guest pass key and a link to download World of Warcraft.
  • While installing the game, the recruit will be prompted to create an account that will grant him or her 10 days of free access to World of Warcraft.
    Note: To receive the benefits of the Recruit-A-Friend system, your friend/family member must use the 10-day guest pass key from your invitation email to create the new account.
  • During the 10-day free trial or anytime thereafter, the recruit will have the option to upgrade to a full version of World of Warcraft by purchasing a retail copy of the game.
  • When your friend/family member upgrades to a full version of World of Warcraft and pays for the first month's subscription, the account you sent the invitation from will be automatically credited with a free 30-day subscription. If your friend/family member pays for a second month, you will receive an exclusive in-game zhevra mount.
  • Each invitation and key expires 30 days from the time you generate the email. If your friend/family member doesn't start his or her trial within this time, the invitation will expire and you will need to send a new one.

  • Give it a try.


    Guild Photos

    Free Image Hosting at



    Immortaliz as one of the establish guild in Wodnet representing the horde, we are glad to see that our players have slowly establish themselves in the competitive environment of Wodnet. In view of the numbers of applicant to join the guild is increasing day by day. The Guild management team has decided to share out the guild philosophy as well as recruitment policy in hope that better control will allow more capable players to team up together, as a unify unit.
    Also, in view of the crowded guild hierarchy, we have decided to have an Elite guild call “Children of Shadow” where PVP focus players will be invited / promoted to join and maintain the superiority of Horde PVP.

    Guild Motto: "What we lack in numbers we make up with good mentorship!"

    “Immortaliz” is mainly a nursing guild for new WOW players to learn through the aspect of the game through direct mentorship on Leveling and Gear hunting.
    The guild do not believe in gear feeding as new players were encourage to join in any outside raid available to gear up. Guild raid will only be held occasionally, however it will be efficient to get items for new players.

    Share game play information especially related to quests, trade skills, locations, and items. One on one if possible mentorship with new players by existing same class players
    Each new player will be given supported with in game gold.

    Guild Side
    We are playing on the Horde side.

    Guild Master – Chesterfield, Ex Guild Master - Hidden

    Establish players will be promoted to “Children of Shadow” in a quarterly assessment of new players’ progress.

    Children of Shadow
    Guild Motto: "What we lack in numbers we make up in skills!"

    “Children of Shadow” is a PVP guild which mainly focuses on PVP aspect of the game. It consists of players with good PVP skills and experiences, allowing better teamwork and coordination.

    Guild Master – Parakang, Ex Guild Master - Whisperwind
    Senior executive – Nelson

    First phase expansion
    For COS first stage of expansion, we sought for elite players who fit to our guild motto. We welcome players from all ranks to join us to share, and build a strong Immortaliz community. The children of Immortaliz will be blessed by the mother of shadow.


    Part 1: The Origin

    Well, to start off, Immortaliz is a guild originated from WOW Retail Server Gorgonnash. The guildmaster by then is a Malaysian and it is believe the guild has been disbanded under numerous reason. A group of friends decided to give the private server, Inora a try, hence they created a Horde guild call "Betrayer", and they have since became one of the best guild in Inora back then.

    When Inora server crashed and halt operation. The core of the group come to Wodnet server. Since the guild "Betrayer" already used by Wodnet Ally, the group resorted to revive

    Not only until recently, the group decided to have a spin off from the main guild and created "Children of Shadow", the rest, is history, Immortaliz and Children of Shadow have since
    became one of the main guild in Wodnet Horde faction. Time will only tell how high the guild can go, however, being a guild with such historical tradition, we believe that Immortaliz can sustain and only do better.

    Note: Immortaliz in retail Gorgonesh server is spell by "Immortalis"

    Updated on June 11, 2008



    To have duel base exam / Observation session with Guild Senior. Results will be evaluated on whether players posses the needed skills in surviving the game.

    Updated on May 05, 2009


    Player who are interested are welcome to contact us:

    1. Hidden - 012 2656864
    2. Maru - MSN: