Monday, April 28, 2008


Pls Read

We have created our own guild forum, outside of wodnet. Reason being, wodnet forum will need GM help each time if new member wanna join. For easier administrative work, we have opt out the following address as our official forum:

We shall discuss guild, as well as game matters in forum.

Please register yourself for the forum and be more active in forum discussion. Please check out the forum time to time.

Please use wodnet in game character name as your forum ID for easier identification. And please provide your details at "Forum thread - Tell me more about you". For those who already register, pls change ur forum ID at profile section to In game name.

Thank you Rowene and those who help in creating this forum project.


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After some info checking with other guild/group, Mother seems to be bugged and having imba spells of 30k damage on tanker. Even harder than retail raid.

To avoid disappointment, we will have a test run on Mother on 30/4/2008 10pm (30 April, 2008) Malaysia time. Please try to participate, all guild member are welcome, both Immortaliz and COS. No need to follow roaster, all guild member welcome.

We shall test run on mother, if possible down a few BT boss in between.

Please let me know if you cant make it, especially MT - Hebe, and MH - Nelson, or else the test raid should remain and continue. Worst case scenario we will get outside ppl for the testing.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


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- 4,500,000 HP
Melee Strength - 6-7k per hit
Enrage - 10 minutes

After some discussion, here is the updated list for raid roster:

MT: Hebe (Warrior) (Control by Ex Immortaliz Tanker)
Offtank: Mameemamee (Warrior)

Healer1: Nelson (Priest)
Healer2: Chesterfield (Priest)
Healer3: Rowene (Priest)
Healer4: Mimy (Priest)
Healer5: Kantharia (Paladin)
Healer6: Pot (Shaman)
Healer7: What (Shaman)

RDPS1: Hidden (Hunter)
RDPS2: Kickapoo (Mage)
RDPS3: Tyron (Warlock)
RDPS4: Kille (Warlock)

MDPS1: Ichikura (Warrior)
MDPS2: Yvaine (Paladin)

ReserveRDPS1: Gangsta (Hunter)
ReserveRDPS2: Jayden (Hunter)
ReserveRDPS3: Rebornz (Shadow Priest)

1) Strategy:

a) Positioning: We will follow the Nihilum strategy of pulling and positioning. (See See pic

b) Healing: Main priest full heal focus on Tanker, another 3 priest in another 3 diff group will mainly circle of healing and backup main healer. 2 Shaman in 2 diff group will chain heal. Kantharia and Yvaine will work as resser, while kantha will back up to heal any one super low in hp. Yvaine will be part of dps due to its Retri spec. Bubble and Lay on hand if necessary.

c) Tanking: Hebe will tank and Mamee2 will take over if Hebe down. And we will take the opportunity to ress Hebe asap

d) DPS: 2 Warlock will be in 2 different group for its Bloodpact. Range DPS will be in 3 Blue spot indicated in the above Picture. Melee DPS at orange spot.

e) Enrage: To avoid enrage, we will need to down mother in 10 minutes. Enrage will usually means wipe, so technically, we need more DPS.

2) Time and date:

April 30, 2008 or May 10, 2008, 10pm Malaysia time (may differ depends on availability of raider)

3) Misc:

a) We move Kille for DPS, due to warlock able to provide bloodpact and its own shadow damage resistant. Also, after discussing with tanker, 1 off tank will be enough.

b) I take back my decision of not to include any rogue as their debuff and dps is useful as well.

c) For those who are not selected, it is either ur not active so i doubt u will be able to make it, or ur gear is not ready for the raid, or i simply forgotten ur existence. If you believe you should be somehow in the team, pls go to Maru or Kille or Me for inspection. I would aspect at least full epic gear for this raid. And i will need the team to have all the basic knowledge of raiding.

d) Me and Kille will provide everyone with at least 5 bottle of Major resistance potion.

4) Things to do:

a) Please try to pass on the message on this raid especially to those who involve, i particularly concern with Chesterfield and Mimy as i seldom see them or their alternate online, Note, i dun have their contact number as well.

b) Please let me know if you cant make it with the above stated time, and please state a time which u are free for he raid, i aspect at least 3 to 4 hour of raiding time, so pls plan ahead. PLs leave comment on your available date and time.

5) Conclusion:

We are short on DPS and i didnt see much available players left in the guild. Anyhow, lets attempt to down mother with the current squad that we have (15 raider) plus one or two late inclusion, such as Gangsta, Jayden if their gear make it to the group. I would rather prepare it throughly. Please comment if you disagree, or suggestion on the details.

6) Combined Guild Raid:

Due to our short of manpower in DPS, alternatively, we could borrow DPS from another guild and form "Combined Guild Raid". Let me know ur thought.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Pls Read

Due to the difficulties of this raid, we will handpick players from guild to maximize the changes of success.

MT: Hebe (Warrior) (Control by Ex Immortaliz Tanker)
Offtank: Mameemamee (Warrior)
Offtank: Kil (Paladin)

Healer1: Nelson (Priest)
Healer2: Chesterfield (Priest)
Healer3: Rowene (Priest)
Healer4: Mimmy (Priest)
Healer5: Kantharia (Paladin)

DPS1: Hidden (Hunter)
DPS2: Kickapoo (Mage)
DPS3: Tyron (Warlock)
DPS4: Yvaine (Paladin) (Control by Maru)
DPS5: Pot (Shaman)
DPS6: What (Shaman)
DPS7: Ichikura (Warrior)

As you can see from the above, im still finalizing the DPS rooster as we are indeed lack of DPS in our guild. In thing tho, we will not bring Rogue in this raid as we will focus on range DPS if possible. Please provide your feedback or suggestion in the comment section, if we are going to do it, we may as well prepare thoroughly.

For others guildies, please gear up yourself, as we will finalize the rooster as soon as possible. Also, for everyone, please stock up mana potion, and alchemy please made up shadow resistance potion.

Please read the Mother killing strategy below:



1) First of all, would like to announce the MVP of Immortaliz - COS for April 2008, looking at the players activeness and contribution, from all the candidate, we have decided to give it to Killie aka KIll.

2) Please take Killie to take COS exam with either Maru or Nelson, please ensure you have Medalion of the Horde first. Others who like to take the exam pls let me know.

3) Due to the growing population of our player base (mostly due to our own player alternate) i will need everyone to submit their IGN (In Game Character) list in the comment section. Or i will personally interview everyone, please be honest with me as it will determine the quality of the guild as i will need to decide whether we will open or close for new member to come in.

4) Main or alternate guildies who have not online for 1 month will be sent for "Inactive" status and will kick out from the guild if Inactive for another 2 months, intotal, if u afk from wodnet for 3 months,, you're out. If you are going oversea or any other reason where you forsee u will leave the game for a long period, pls inform your officer.

FYI, Officers include:

a) Nelson
b) Maru
c) Hidden
d) Kille
e) Chesterfield

5) Yesterday 25 April 2008 record as our most player online ingame day as there are 15 players online all together. Keep up the good work.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Teletubies (Guild: Serenity)

Teletubies will be leaving Malaysia to Australia to study and therefore will see farewell to the Wodnet Horde community. He will be doing a farewell raid (hyjal/bt/ally, depends) on 23/4/2008, 9pm Malaysia time, and he invited all of Immortaliz & Children of Shadow to join him. All guild member is encourage to attend as we see him stop playing as a great loss to the community (zzz)

Refer the pic.

Friday, April 18, 2008



As you all know, WoDnet server is now available in patch 2.4.1
I would like to urge all the fellow guild mates to post the errors, problems and bugs they encountered in the game to this post's comment. As this post will be able to gain attention of the GM, enabling them to solve the errors as soon as possible and thus improve our cooperation with the WoDnet team. Thank you.

Monday, April 14, 2008


Quote from Nelson

Warrior tanking build from Ex Immortaliz MT


Congratulation to Pottwo for being one of the winner of HIDE AND SEEK EVENT (13th April 2008)

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Guild Role

For those new players, i have one of you asking me about their role in the guild. Well, i hope everyone can enjoy their game, we do not force on anyone to play any class or profession, however, please be sensitive to your guildmate needs and try to support each other with enchantment, Jewel crafting etc. And im sure everyone will be happy to have the support from each other.

One thing i observed is where guildy have simply too many alternate character and therefore there is lack of concentration on main character. Please ask your self on which class u like and enjoy the most, which class will benefit the guild the most, which spec of e.g. pally will benefit the raid team the most, etc, focus on one character and build on it. And therefore better equipment and better skill.

Lastly i wish guildy to have more involvement in the blog, enjoy your wow.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008



Please get your self a Medallion of the Horde if you want to excel in PVP, for those who are in COS, and you are yet to have the trinket, please equip your self with it. Take it as your first priority and halt playing the alternate character.

Each class will have their own medallion. It cost 16,983 honor point.

Alternatively, try to get the Battlemaster trinket for your character. THis little trinket Increases maximum health by 1750 for 15 sec (3 Min Cooldown). There are a total of 6 variation of Battlemaster trinket consist of Crit, haste rating, spell / healing damage, Spell crit, attack power and healing / spell damage.

The easier way to get is to buy from G'eras in Terrace of light, Shattrah City for 75 Badge of Justice (BOJ).

The third PVP trinket which i am recommending for PVP players to get is Talisman of the Horde, which is most of time overlook by PVP players, beside the additional resillence rating, it Heal self for 877 to 969 damage. (2 Min Cooldown). Even though it heals lesser hp compare toBattlemaster trinket, this trinket heal solid 877 to 969 damage, while battlemaster will only give maximum health by 1750 for 15 sec. Furthermore, this trinket will trigger healing crit.

This trinket however prove to be quite expensive, it cost 22,950 honor points and 10 eye of the storm mark of honor.

Enjoy YOur PVP. Equip yourself.


Say NO to hack

Someone apparently hacked our guildy's alt character to play bug and get banned by GM.

Please handle your account's ID and password with care, if possible do not share id and password with anyone. Change your password if you have any suspicious that your account has been hacked.
And report any irregularity to GM if found.

Last but not least, stay away from hack and intentional bug.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008



As some of u requested, here is 3 of my Hunter macro:

#showtooltip Steady Shot
/cast Steady shot
/cast [target=pettarget, exists] Kill command
/cast !Auto Shot
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear();
/cast Rapid Fire
/cast Berserking(Racial)

(U can take away /petattack if u want, if u dont have berserking, can take away or change it with oftehr racial that u like)

U wil spam steady shot and autoshot while rapid fire and racial as soon as cool down finish

#showtooltip Raptor Strike
/Cast Raptor Strike(Rank 9)
/cast Mongoose Bite(Rank 5)
/start attack

This macro for melee range to spam raptor and moongoose

/cast [nopet,modifier] Revive Pet; [target=pet,dead] Revive Pet; [nopet] Call Pet; [combat][modifier]Mend Pet
/stopmacro [combat]

THis macro will call pet if no pet out there, mend pet if pet already call, ress pet if pet died.
But since ress pet is bug nowadays, what usually we do is dismiss the dead pet and recall the pet
so the third part of this macro is not working, nontheless, its a complete macro

Sunday, April 6, 2008


11 players down BT, except Gurtogg, mother and Illidan

We have successfully done our third guild raid (BT) under the new regime.
We have done in sequence Najentus, Supremus, Akama, Essense, Teron, and Councils.
We skip Gurtogg, mother and Illidan.

While i am not going to illustrate the raid itself by words, i would say it is quite successful reason being we started and ended the raid with plus and minus 11 players. And credit to Nelson (Priest) as the lone priest for most of the raid journey as another priest got emergency and couldn't continue the raid. Tanking itself is mostly done by Mameemamee (Warrior) and Maru (Druid), we are glad to have found a good tanker in mamee.

I am not going to list down the raid roster. Being a perfectionist, however, i believe new players are still in a learning stage and there are still plenty of room for improvement. We will discuss or try to point out some of the technical problem and mistake that were observed in the raid.

Good raid we have and for those who didnt join us due to other commitment, pls do join us next round.

Thursday, April 3, 2008



We do not encourage slacker in the guild, pls workout yourself to have at least 1 or 2 primary profession. Due to profession will allow upgrade to your own gear or make gear that only profession holder can use.

Also, please grin up those important reputation for your class e.g. aldor vs scryer, thrallmar, lower city, cenarion espedition etc, for those extra enchantment and special item.

I would rather have 1 master player rather than a group of master none, jack of all trade,
No slacker please. Please ensure you have your main character workout before playing alternate character, unless u have specific reason.


Guild Photos

Free Image Hosting at



Immortaliz as one of the establish guild in Wodnet representing the horde, we are glad to see that our players have slowly establish themselves in the competitive environment of Wodnet. In view of the numbers of applicant to join the guild is increasing day by day. The Guild management team has decided to share out the guild philosophy as well as recruitment policy in hope that better control will allow more capable players to team up together, as a unify unit.
Also, in view of the crowded guild hierarchy, we have decided to have an Elite guild call “Children of Shadow” where PVP focus players will be invited / promoted to join and maintain the superiority of Horde PVP.

Guild Motto: "What we lack in numbers we make up with good mentorship!"

“Immortaliz” is mainly a nursing guild for new WOW players to learn through the aspect of the game through direct mentorship on Leveling and Gear hunting.
The guild do not believe in gear feeding as new players were encourage to join in any outside raid available to gear up. Guild raid will only be held occasionally, however it will be efficient to get items for new players.

Share game play information especially related to quests, trade skills, locations, and items. One on one if possible mentorship with new players by existing same class players
Each new player will be given supported with in game gold.

Guild Side
We are playing on the Horde side.

Guild Master – Chesterfield, Ex Guild Master - Hidden

Establish players will be promoted to “Children of Shadow” in a quarterly assessment of new players’ progress.

Children of Shadow
Guild Motto: "What we lack in numbers we make up in skills!"

“Children of Shadow” is a PVP guild which mainly focuses on PVP aspect of the game. It consists of players with good PVP skills and experiences, allowing better teamwork and coordination.

Guild Master – Parakang, Ex Guild Master - Whisperwind
Senior executive – Nelson

First phase expansion
For COS first stage of expansion, we sought for elite players who fit to our guild motto. We welcome players from all ranks to join us to share, and build a strong Immortaliz community. The children of Immortaliz will be blessed by the mother of shadow.


Part 1: The Origin

Well, to start off, Immortaliz is a guild originated from WOW Retail Server Gorgonnash. The guildmaster by then is a Malaysian and it is believe the guild has been disbanded under numerous reason. A group of friends decided to give the private server, Inora a try, hence they created a Horde guild call "Betrayer", and they have since became one of the best guild in Inora back then.

When Inora server crashed and halt operation. The core of the group come to Wodnet server. Since the guild "Betrayer" already used by Wodnet Ally, the group resorted to revive

Not only until recently, the group decided to have a spin off from the main guild and created "Children of Shadow", the rest, is history, Immortaliz and Children of Shadow have since
became one of the main guild in Wodnet Horde faction. Time will only tell how high the guild can go, however, being a guild with such historical tradition, we believe that Immortaliz can sustain and only do better.

Note: Immortaliz in retail Gorgonesh server is spell by "Immortalis"

Updated on June 11, 2008



To have duel base exam / Observation session with Guild Senior. Results will be evaluated on whether players posses the needed skills in surviving the game.

Updated on May 05, 2009


Player who are interested are welcome to contact us:

1. Hidden - 012 2656864
2. Maru - MSN: