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Well, Friday the thirteen is no more and yet the sadness of having our friends and gaming mate banned from the game is there for us to remember. While some of you aware of what is happening and some of you do not, i will hereby trying to explain the incident the best i can within the suitable context.

First of all, there is the problem of hackers. Some of us remember the experience of DOS attack on the game server back in March, 08, what happen by then is where hackers forcefully attack the server resulted in frequent disconnection. What uncovered this round is technically different as this time round, instead of hacking the server itself, they attacked the database. The outcome of this resulted in many unauthorized scripts, items, and spells being distributed around. I am not going to go into details on how serious the damage these violation brought to the balance of the game. You may take your time to imagine that.

These series of violations brought a long term damage to the game database. To halt the immediate crisis, the server have no choice but to roll back to the nearest backup point, unfortunately, these backup data is well corrupted due to the hacking. In a results, the server suffered a 2 days roll back.

This also lead to the banning of players involved in these damage, in total around 40 of them. Roll back is never welcome in any game. Raiding, reputation and level grinding, profession etc all being affected if you somehow hardworking that 2 days. To compensate for the loss of players, the server increase temporarily the experience and reputation rate to 150x for a short period of time.

Now, what is done is done. How are we going to avoid or minimize the re-occurrence of such incident? First of all, the players themselves play a vital role in tackling the problem. What players need to know is that hacking will ultimately result in messing up with the database. Hackers might get himself some uber gear or spells, getting some short term gain and fame. Unknowingly, these actions is destroying the stability of the server in the long run. So, if you love the game, love the server, you might as well do your part and distance yourself from hacking tools and programs.

There are not more than 6 active GM in the game. But averagely we have not less than 50 players minimum online in the game. Every players are well empowered to report on any suspicions and illegal event. If everyone hold to their own belief, i am sure there is no way or less successful a group of hacker is able to proceed with such illegal hacking.

As some of you might know, all the Guildmaster or their guild representative recently have an emergency meeting with GM- Zulkapan on numerous game issues. While some of the content i see it as confidential and therefore i choose not to reveal it here, some of it, i felt is vital for me to channel it to every guildmembers as well as non-guildmembers who browse the blog.

1) A new forum thread will be created and accessible mainly for GM, admin, guild representatives. More information will be channel to guild rep to disseminate to players hence reducing the burden of current GM workload and enable for more bug fixing, hack prevention etc.

2) Zul acknowledge the server's need for more Coder (C++) and GM's in the coming future. Recruitment campaign will be done possibly in the coming months.

3) Zul warn all players to avoid further hacking. NO excuses for players to prompt for even the
smallest hack (e.g. Emuhack). He mentioned that GM will no longer be lenient against hackers. No negotiation with terrorist just as no negotiation with hackers.

4) New website is in the middle of development, where more features will be added on.

Please show your respect and gratitude to those GM's who assist and ensure a smooth game. Most of them doing the job for free at their free time, which could be better use elsewhere. Donation in many ways support the server and its misc costs. In case some of you not aware of it, the Wodnet server is currently run on ascent core and it is now no more in support as ascent closed down recently. Expert is scripting most of the sunwell content himself based on the open ascent core. Before you questions the server on its commitment, do ask yourself on what you have done for the server.



Guild Photos

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Immortaliz as one of the establish guild in Wodnet representing the horde, we are glad to see that our players have slowly establish themselves in the competitive environment of Wodnet. In view of the numbers of applicant to join the guild is increasing day by day. The Guild management team has decided to share out the guild philosophy as well as recruitment policy in hope that better control will allow more capable players to team up together, as a unify unit.
Also, in view of the crowded guild hierarchy, we have decided to have an Elite guild call “Children of Shadow” where PVP focus players will be invited / promoted to join and maintain the superiority of Horde PVP.

Guild Motto: "What we lack in numbers we make up with good mentorship!"

“Immortaliz” is mainly a nursing guild for new WOW players to learn through the aspect of the game through direct mentorship on Leveling and Gear hunting.
The guild do not believe in gear feeding as new players were encourage to join in any outside raid available to gear up. Guild raid will only be held occasionally, however it will be efficient to get items for new players.

Share game play information especially related to quests, trade skills, locations, and items. One on one if possible mentorship with new players by existing same class players
Each new player will be given supported with in game gold.

Guild Side
We are playing on the Horde side.

Guild Master – Chesterfield, Ex Guild Master - Hidden

Establish players will be promoted to “Children of Shadow” in a quarterly assessment of new players’ progress.

Children of Shadow
Guild Motto: "What we lack in numbers we make up in skills!"

“Children of Shadow” is a PVP guild which mainly focuses on PVP aspect of the game. It consists of players with good PVP skills and experiences, allowing better teamwork and coordination.

Guild Master – Parakang, Ex Guild Master - Whisperwind
Senior executive – Nelson

First phase expansion
For COS first stage of expansion, we sought for elite players who fit to our guild motto. We welcome players from all ranks to join us to share, and build a strong Immortaliz community. The children of Immortaliz will be blessed by the mother of shadow.


Part 1: The Origin

Well, to start off, Immortaliz is a guild originated from WOW Retail Server Gorgonnash. The guildmaster by then is a Malaysian and it is believe the guild has been disbanded under numerous reason. A group of friends decided to give the private server, Inora a try, hence they created a Horde guild call "Betrayer", and they have since became one of the best guild in Inora back then.

When Inora server crashed and halt operation. The core of the group come to Wodnet server. Since the guild "Betrayer" already used by Wodnet Ally, the group resorted to revive

Not only until recently, the group decided to have a spin off from the main guild and created "Children of Shadow", the rest, is history, Immortaliz and Children of Shadow have since
became one of the main guild in Wodnet Horde faction. Time will only tell how high the guild can go, however, being a guild with such historical tradition, we believe that Immortaliz can sustain and only do better.

Note: Immortaliz in retail Gorgonesh server is spell by "Immortalis"

Updated on June 11, 2008



To have duel base exam / Observation session with Guild Senior. Results will be evaluated on whether players posses the needed skills in surviving the game.

Updated on May 05, 2009


Player who are interested are welcome to contact us:

1. Hidden - 012 2656864
2. Maru - MSN: